Thoughts behind Stamp Series


Is it possible for one to search his inner genuine self in the relevant arenas of social bonding and environments?
It is very difficult to express one’s own perception and self narrations of his/her inner self faithfully in the present modern age of globalization. One can enjoy complete freedom only within the set framework and relevant bondings of society and artists are no exception to this in the sense they also have to undergo these rituals with the relevant social bondings and social restrictions. It is very painful but there is no alternative. ‘Stamp’ is a symbol of this bondings. Freedom is often within the bondings and also with these bondings there is freedom! Human life heed not incorporate big and colorful events to be creative and full of plenty in the truest sense. It becomes beautiful and pleasant as well as enjoyable due to tiny and meager happenings in daily routines. It is very difficult to express simple things with the exactness vis-a- vis expressing glorious and colourful eventuality in any art form. I have endeavored to give vent to such elemental forms through apt artistic expression in my work.

It has been my experience that often I get answers to my vivid queries in life cycle not through philosophical religious books or so but prominently I try to search them in the company of nature and environments. As a result, some peculiar forms of Nature often find due place in my work at strategic locations.
The various characters in my work have been displayed with partly closed eyes with subdued vision and aptly demonstrate the thinking/thoughtful oneself engaged in search of self identity of genre in the relevant arenas. It involves totally intermingling human sentiments like emotional attachments and ties of close knit relation. Hence, psychological involvement, love, joy, passion, peace, eternity, almighty and other related forms always find due place in my work so as to decorate it with vivid forms of sentimental mindscapes of any sensitive human being.
A man is always recognized by his outward appearance, status, social position or emotional expressions as well as environments around. Mostly, these outward appearances display only some aspects of his real personality /internal or inner soul. It is always the representation of the emotional phase he or she is passing through symbolizing sentimental upheavals, the ensuing confusion dilemmas or the state of indecisiveness which is quite alarming and hazardous. However, these outward mental states have a direct bearing on the inner ones and the real soul or inner self never gets due recognition or exposure in the relevant arenas. This unforeseen situation in one’s life sometimes leads to catastrophic or dangerous calamities which, if not remedied in time , many impair the mental equilibrium or character in question. Also , the real oneself in search of his longings/aspirations in life hardly gets an opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams and enjoy serenity, relaxation and mental peace and interaction/freedom from worldly pleasures and shackles.
To summarise, I have displayed vivid forms of expressional creative search in quest for the real inner self in my work through artistic amalgamation of relevant innovative ideas with apt colour tones and their harmony, lyrical resonance and special textural effects and highlighting the desired rhythm and ensuring visual effects in the relevant perspectives of visual fine arts.