Power Unleashed

A painting form my Horse series.
Showcase of Strength, elegance and the power..

Strength within the Beauty

A painting form my Horse series.
Showcase of Strength, elegance and the power..

Don't Stamp Me..

Expressional creative search in quest for the real inner self in my work
through artistic amalgamation of relevant innovative ideas with apt colour
tones and their harmony, lyrical resonance and special textural effects
and highlighting the desired rhythm and ensuring visual effects in the
relevant perspectives of visual fine arts.

Stamp Me Not..

Expressional creative search in quest for the real inner self in my work
through artistic amalgamation of relevant innovative ideas with apt colour
tones and their harmony, lyrical resonance and special textural effects
and highlighting the desired rhythm and ensuring visual effects in the
relevant perspectives of visual fine arts.

Strength and Elegance

A painting form my Horse series.
Showcase of Strength, elegance and the power..


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HORSE-217,Acrylic on canvas, Size-72”x 36”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-224,Acrylic on canvas, Size-60”x 36”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-185,Acrylic on canvas, Size-72”x 72”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-220,Acrylic on canvas, Size-72”x 36”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-219,Acrylic on canvas, Size-72”x 36”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-214,Acrylic on canvas, Size-54”x 30”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-204,Acrylic on canvas, Size-96”x 48”

Horse, Recent Work

HORSE-187, Acrylic on canvas, Size- 138×54

Horse, Recent Work

‘Imagination, like Pegasus, takes flight to claim the sky,
Imagination like a pebble dives into the abyss to claim the ocean…’

About Me

Devidas Dharmadhikari

Born on 1972 in Maharashtra.

He is working as a freelance artist since last 17 years. He is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of time and space.
His paintings have always been far removed from an overriding, postmodern logic. Instead, Devidas uses the idealistic, representative and modernist language of Indian contemporary art. In his paintings he use bold strokes as well as transparent layers to create emotions.
Devidas had displayed his work in India and abroad and with some auction also. He lives and work in Pune.



About My Work

There is no need to say something about the subject horse.

Everyone knows about power, beauty, strength and many other accepts in it.

The subject itself is enthusiastic. Along with these things, it is very challenging to create in paintings.
I have tried to keep the realistic anatomy/ proportion of horses without trying to stylize it. Some times I have simplified the form. My paintings are trying to capture the movement of the horse through bold strokes and vibrant colors showing for its strength, power, beauty and force.

Is it possible for one to search his inner genuine self in the relevant arenas of social bonding and environments?

It is very difficult to express one’s own perception and self narrations of his/her inner self faithfully in the present modern age of globalization. One can enjoy complete freedom only within the set framework and relevant bondings of society and artists are no exception to this in the sense they also have to undergo these rituals with the relevant social bondings and social restrictions. It is very painful but there is no alternative. ‘Stamp’ is a symbol of this bondings. Freedom is often within the bondings and also with these bondings there is freedom! Human life heed not incorporate big and colorful events to be creative and full of plenty in the truest sense. It becomes beautiful and pleasant as well as enjoyable due to tiny and meager happenings in daily routines. It is very difficult to express simple things with the exactness vis-a- vis expressing glorious and colourful eventuality in any art form. I have endeavored to give vent to such elemental forms through apt artistic expression in my work.
It has been my experience that often I get answers to my vivid queries in life cycle not through philosophical religious books or so but prominently I try to search them in the company of nature and environments. As a result, some peculiar forms of Nature often find due place in my work at strategic locations.

The various characters in my work have been displayed with partly closed eyes with subdued vision and aptly demonstrate the thinking/thoughtful oneself engaged in search of self identity of genre in the relevant arenas. It involves totally intermingling human sentiments like emotional attachments and ties of close knit relation. Hence, psychological involvement, love, joy, passion, peace, eternity, almighty and other related forms always find due place in my work so as to decorate it with vivid forms of sentimental mindscapes of any sensitive human being.

A man is always recognized by his outward appearance, status, social position or emotional expressions as well as environments around. Mostly, these outward appearances display only some aspects of his real personality /internal or inner soul. It is always the representation of the emotional phase he or she is passing through symbolizing sentimental upheavals, the ensuing confusion dilemmas or the state of indecisiveness which is quite alarming and hazardous. However, these outward mental states have a direct bearing on the inner ones and the real soul or inner self never gets due recognition or exposure in the relevant arenas. This unforeseen situation in one’s life sometimes leads to catastrophic or dangerous calamities which, if not remedied in time , many impair the mental equilibrium or character in question. Also , the real oneself in search of his longings/aspirations in life hardly gets an opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams and enjoy serenity, relaxation and mental peace and interaction/freedom from worldly pleasures and shackles.

To summarise, I have displayed vivid forms of expressional creative search in quest for the real inner self in my work through artistic amalgamation of relevant innovative ideas with apt colour tones and their harmony, lyrical resonance and special textural effects and highlighting the desired rhythm and ensuring visual effects in the relevant perspectives of visual fine arts.

Solo Shows

Art Workshops

2008, “MUKTI”, Pondechery
1996,95 Bombay Art Society
1996 Birla Art Academy
1995 Lalit Kala Acadami
2008 Artist of the month Indian art Collector

2013 Gallery prakrit art,Chennai
2013 Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai
2009 Gallery G Banglore
2009 Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai
2008 Ayya art gallery Chennai ( Don’t Stamp Me)
2008 Artist of the month Indian art Collector
2007 "Don't Stamp Me !", Suchitrra Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2006 Dusk Gallery, Mumbai. (Tune in Tones)
2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. ( Reliving Nostalgia)

Group Shows

2012 “ARTICULATE” The Westin Gurgaon (Habiart Foundation,Delhi)
2011 Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi.
2011 Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore
2011 Gallery Art2Day, Pune
2011 Dhiyoh(source of Light), Museum art gallery mumbai.
2011 Red Line, Museum art gallery mumbai.
2011 Colours Of Life (curate by C.P.A.A.)
2010 United artist, Museum art gallery mumbai.
2010 Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre Delhi. (Gallery Joie )
2010 India international art fair, pragati maidan New Delhi.
2010 Colours Of Life (curate by C.P.A.A.)

2014 prince of wales museum,mumbai
2013 perl art gallery delhi
2013 Gallery My Indian Art,Kolkata
2013 Gallery Art Fiesta,Dubai
2012 Ark Art Gallery,Pune
2012 Religare Art, Saket,New Delhi
2012 Art Fiesta, Dubai
2012 EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE, CPAA, At The Viewing Room,Mumbai
2012 CLOUD 9 , Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2012 Hotel Leela Bangalore (Gallery Art chutney)
2012 Blue art Gallery, New Delhi.

Group Shows

2007 Cymroza art Gallery Mumbai
2007 (Art Fusion) Nehru Centre, Mumbai
2005 100 Contemporary India Artist, Mumbai.
2003,01 Lagas (Ikoyi Cresent).
2003 New York.
2003 Kalart Gallery, San Francisco.
2003 Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune.
2003 Khushboo Art Gallery, Pune.
2003 Gallery Swastika, New Delhi.
2003 Artimiator Gallery, Netherland.

2010 Confluence 2010 (an auction of contemporary art at hotel Taj chennai )
2010 1x8 Museum art gallery mumbai.
2009 Cymroza art Gallery Mumbai
2009 Camlin art foundation. Central zone
2008 Krsala Arts , Bangalore.
2008 Asia House, London (Quartet art gallery London)
2008 “Confluence” Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai
2008 Gallery Joie new delhi.
2008 Cymroza art Gallery Mumbai
2008 “Perfect Lines” Easel Art Gallery.
2008 Lalit kala Academy New Delhi


Stamped Out

– Sujata Chakrabarti. May 30 2009

IT’s quite an assortment of colours, ideas and techniques that artist Devidas Dharmadhikari captures along with the varing moods of his subject against a striking background of old postal envelopes and used stamps.

The collection titled Don’t Stamp Me depicts one of the artist’s friends as his muse, painted on the background of an eclectic mixture of black and white – a sure treat for art connoisseurs.
Devidas says, “The message behind this whole collection is to stop being biased towards people. Its I time we become good Samaritians by understanding people. We urban settlers have a habit of labeling people and the different moods captured on the canvas represents people’s perspectives.

Interestingly, even the digital coding, numerical and minute potal details that stand out on the background have all been done with acrylics instead of digital printing or mixed media.

The artist explains, It would have been taking a short cut had I used digital printing. Obviously,replicating portal codes on the canvas I tricky, so managing the whole canvas with acrylic is definitely hard work and required dexterity with the medium.

The current collection that has 23 canvases worked over a period of three years has one human face that has been repeated throughout, albeit depicting the figure with different facial expressions. Devidas actually has asked one of his very close friends to model for the entire collection, and the reason of the choice was his ability of the person to emote body language through varied forms of expression.

The artist says, “When depicting a muse on the canvas, it is important to make sure the person’s body statistics are in tandem with the purpose of the art work. In my case, his ability of being able to express this through varied facial expressions caught my eye, and hence the entire collection has him as the central subject.

The show is on at Jahangir Art Gallery till June2.
“The message behind this whole collection is to stop being biased towards people”

Stamping Identity

-Gaorgina Maddox. May 27 2009

Is man a criminal or is he a saint? Is he predominantly good or are we a doomed race?
Is it possible to stamp people? Devidas Dharmadhikari’s solo show of paintings, Don’t Stamp Me, in Mumbai, explores the force of Mars and Eros in mankind. The Pune-based artist opens his solo today evening, and it will run till June 2.

“My work is a struggle to discover our individual differences. Yet, there is an attempt to categorise man, to stamp him with an identity and and limit the understanding of his complex persona,” says 36-year-old. His men appear shorn and shadowy, marked with a rubber stamp seal –a metaphor for the approval of society. “There are many aspect of a man that make him divine. Yet he is human and vulnerable,” say Dharmadhikari who studiedare at Dalvi’s Art Institute in Kolhapur.

The Pandarpur-born artist then moved to Pune where he currently has a studio, but he has shown his work across India. “I first had a show at Art Resources and then Gallery Beyond, Mumbai, in 2008. Before that I have had many group shows at Trishala Art and rakrit Art in Bangalore,I have also shown at Chennai’s Iyer Art Gallery and Delhi’s Joi Art Gallery.” International exposure has come with a group show at Quartet Art Gallery London.

“I believe I have now reached a deeper understanding of my subject, apart from honing my application of oil on canvas,” says the artist,whose male figures appear to be set against a wooden texture. The men appear introverted but one can only guess what they might be thinking. Decoding the qualities of mankind is a long and intensive process, believes Dharmadhikari. “Yet, we are quick to judge and often from our opinions about people in a mere glance,” he comments.The artist advocates listening to out inner voice that guides an individual to discover the true self, “not label or a stamp.”Dharmadhikari plans to explore the conscious and unconscious side of human beings in his next suite of paintings. “Man is my motif as I can relate best to him, but I may bring women on to my canvases,” he concludes.

Stamping Identity

-Chandani U. Aug 13 2016

Who decides whether a man is honest, brave or short-tempered? An individual gains different labels from society. Exploring this concept of freedom within the bondings of society is artist Devidas Dharmadhikari, through colours on canvas.

“My works are not completely personal but insightful. I try to express my thoughts from vivid life experiences in my painting through human body postures and gestures. I even use text in my paintings as a form,” says Devidas, talking to City Express.

This is not the first time he has used text on canvas as a form of expression. “I always try to figure out the link between different feelings such as love, anger, happiness and anxiety: sometimes through poems if not paintings. If poems don’t work, i just paint the words. One such collection was called Unforgettable Poems,”he says.

Devidas started his career in 1996, drawing inspirations from everyday life. He immerses himself into his work and each series takes about six years to complete. “I think expressing strong emotions and feelings through paintings is easy, but to show the routine flow of emotions in an indifferent manner is a difficult task and that’s what i try and show in my paintings,” says the artist who loves the texture of bold strokes that create depth.

His journey began at home when his grandfather and father, who were goldsmiths, would also paint walls during festivals. He picked up a brush to assist them and has never put it down. He sold his first three paintings during his final year of college and exhibitions all around the world followed. What’s his secret to success? “Patience and focus. For instance, my role model is Indian astist Vasudeo Gaitonde, who dedicated his entire life to his work. I have many more projects in my pipeline, “he says.

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

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